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Health Care Mythology

Sep 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Worldview Editorial Page

headscratcher_150All of us who have been paying attention to the health care debate have been hearing the same arguments over and over. I believe the one value of the oft repeated protests is that  Washington does know it has a problem. Many of the voters are very  upset with what they are attempting to do. I also believe, however, that there are some thoughts, maybe some truths, that have not been expressed well. Maybe because they require a little more than a sound bite and maybe because they require more thought.

I was introduced to an essay by Clifford Asness, PhD, a product of the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business. Yup, the same University of Chicago where President Barak Obama taught for a few years. Asness is not a Republican, he is well informed, well reasoned and, in my opinion, rather witty. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read through this essay. I believe it will present a different view of the health care issues being debated and possibly shed some further light on this debate. Be sure you do one thing when you read this, think. Dont’ allow yourself to decide first that he is right or wrong, ask yourself critical questions and think. It could be good for all of America.

With that as my introduction, I present to you the essay, Health Care Mythology by Clifford Asness.

I would love to have your comments on this subject since it is so timely and so important to the future health and economy of this nation.


I have encouraged people to read this essay on other venues in addition to here. I have had some very strong emotional reactions. So, here is fair warning before you read. You will find, in addition to well reasoned arguments, a hyperbolic and maybe acerbic wit. If you cannot handle hyperbole, then do not read this essay. You will miss the point entirely – as have some readers already. If on the other hand, you either enjoy such wit or have the ability to ignore it if you disagree, then I encourage you to read and think.

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